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The Urbanary Home and Garden

The Urbanary Home and Garden is a new consignment business (2019) and facilitates the coming and going of lovely decor pieces and furnishings as people change their lives, kids head to college, people downsize, decor is refreshed, and generally helps sell personal belongings. My interest in reclaiming and refurbishing unwanted furniture fits perfectly with this model. So, this mercantile-style shop is located in the heart of Campbell River on a short, but busy 11th Avenue. The building is one of the oldest two storey buildings in Campbell River, so it has great character with cove ceilings and arched doorways, big bright windows, an entrance skylight, and a mezzanine. This location is, bar none, the perfect spot to showcase lovely home and garden decor pieces and the wide windowsills are perfect for creating interesting vignettes. The Urbanary is sincerely welcomed by customers, consignors, and shoppers as a beautiful addition to the downtown shopping experience and is a much needed service in Campbell River.

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