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Haig-Brown House Bed and Breakfast

From May to October each year, the Haig-Brown House opens its doors to the public and visitors can stay at the Bed and Breakfast accommodation located on a tranquil property by the Campbell River.
The House features three bedrooms for up to seven guests. There are two shared bathrooms, one with full bath, one with shower. Guests are invited to enjoy a guided tour about the history of the house and the family that lived there with host Marjorie. Marjorie is not only known for her hospitality, but also for the delicious continental breakfasts she serves up, with baking featuring seasonal berries from the property.
Enjoy the lovely setting of this historic farmhouse and visit the unique study, where thousands of classic books line the walls, and where many of Roderick Haig-Brown’s famous works were written. Fly fishermen will not want to miss out on staying at the home of this revered fisherman and conservationist.